A Qatari Marine Tale With TECHNO VENTURE TRADING WLL and Odoo Implementation

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Company Name: Techno Venture Trading WLL
Location: GWC Park C A2 10 Building B1 Wukair, Birkat Al Awamer
Business Vertical: CRM Solutions, Accounting and Finance

Techno Venture Trading WLL is recognized as a leading light in marine services in Qatar, specializing in the refurbishment of marine equipment on ships, offshore platforms, and onshore locations. Electrical and automation work on vessels offshore installations and Land segment. Marine equipment sales, service, and spare supply.


Techno Ventures faced challenges in collaborating across different departments to streamline project management and inventory tracking within the company and Implementing CRM solutions to effectively generate and manage leads.

The Odoo Implementation process

Beyond traditional boundaries, they chose Odoo integration into their operations with the premier Odoo development company in Qatar. AGM Global Services Implemented CRM system and purchase management system to overcome the challenges. Implemented Inventory Management for Managing a large number of products with different part numbers and material codes. AGM Global Services also helps with implementing Accounting and Finance for better financial management.


The collaboration between Techno Ventures and AGM Global in implementing Odoo has marked a transformative chapter in their journey. Overcoming the obstacles of organizing project management, improving inventory monitoring, and introducing CRM solutions has been achieved through a strategic integration of Odoo. As they navigate through these intricate challenges, the Odoo implementation in Qatar has become the compass guiding them toward enhanced efficiency and seamless collaboration across departments.

Salman 11 March 2024
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