Beauty & Brains: How Sabysamia Blossomed with AGM Global Services, a Leading Odoo Specialist in Qatar

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Company Name: Sabysamia
Odoo Version: 16
Business Vertical: POS Software, E-Commerce Solution

Sabysamia is a leading Qatari brand with International standards that guarantees quality & results in the beauty industry.


Sabysamia faced challenges that demanded a transformative approach in the competitive beauty sector, Developing a unified ERP system to manage four distinct companies with varied modes of operations and sales, all accessible through a single interface.

Discovering Odoo through AGM Global Services, The Leading Odoo specialist in Qatar

Sabysamia discovered the transformative potential of Odoo in Qatar, a powerful business management software. Their quest for excellence led them to AGM Global Services, recognized as the leading Odoo specialist in Qatar. We Provided
Sales Management, Purchase Management, Inventory Management, 
Accounting and Finance, eCommerce, and POS software for overcoming the challenges in front of Sabysamia.


The moment when Sabysamia stumbled upon Odoo with the help of AGM Global Services was a crucial turning point in their business journey. Through Odoo Implementation in Qatar, they were able to overcome operational obstacles and soar to greater heights of achievement. This solidified their position as a prominent beauty brand in Qatar and beyond.

Salman 5 March 2024
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