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Muhammed Siraj
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The purchase module is a fundamental component of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that enables organisations to manage their procurement and purchasing processes efficiently. It helps streamline the acquisition of goods and services from suppliers/vendors, ensuring that the right products are obtained at the right time and cost. 

Here we can see steps for purchasing a product:
● First we can go to the purchase module and we can see orders on the menu. By clicking on it you can see the Purchase order

● Here you can see the list of purchase orders. For creating a new purchase order click on the NEW button.

● After clicking the new button a form will appear for making a purchase order. Here you can enter all the details like vendor name, if there is any reference for vendor it can also be included, expected arrival etc and also you can add the product that is needed to be purchased by clicking on Add a product button

● After filling the required fields we can click on SEND BY EMAIL for sending a request for quotation that shown in below screenshot

● Here you can see two wizards appear. One of the wizards is for entering the vendor details such as mail, phone number and it's shown in the below screenshot. We can enter the details and click the SAVE & CLOSE button.

● Another wizard is for sending the quotation. By clicking the SEND button the quotation will send.

● After sending the quotation we can see the status of the purchase will be changed from RFQ to RFQ sent.

● Now let's confirm the order by clicking confirm Button.

● After confirming the order the status of the purchase order will be changed from RFQ sent to PURCHASE ORDER. The next step is to validate the purchase order so that you can click on Receive products or Receipt shown in the below screenshot.

● Here you can see the details of purchase order. In the product details you can update the done quantity that is how many quantities that get and also other details can be updated. You can also see that the status of validate is now in Ready state.

● After making the necessary updating  you can click the valid button. Here you can see the state was changed into a DONE state.

● Then go to the purchase order for creating a bill for that click on the CREATE BILL button.

● After checking the details and entering necessary details click on the confirm button to create the bill shown in below screenshot.

● Next we can make payment by clicking the REGISTER PAYMENT button.

● Here you can enter the payment details.

● After making payment you can see the Purchase order completed and a green ribbon PAID has appeared.

The Purchase module in Odoo plays a pivotal role in managing the end-to-end procurement process within an organization. It empowers businesses to efficiently acquire the goods and services they need from suppliers/vendors. By providing tools for creating, validating, and managing purchase orders, as well as facilitating communication with suppliers, the Purchase module enhances transparency, reduces manual effort, and ensures accurate financial records. From requisition to receipt, invoicing, and payment, the Purchase module streamlines operations, improves cost control, and supports effective supplier management. Overall, the Purchase module is an essential component of Odoo's comprehensive ERP system, contributing to smoother procurement workflows and informed decision-making.

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Muhammed Siraj 6 December 2023
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