Knowledge Module in Odoo17

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Knowledge Module in Odoo17
Akhil O V
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Knowledge module used in Odoo is for article purposes. The Module is hosted to create specific 
articles among the team members. This knowledge article is an area to mark a set of instructions 
that can be provided. To create a new article click on new option here.

One can create the article by typing the heading and a continuing with the article content. It is also 
possible for one to browse for templates that are already in odoo.

There is a wide range of sections that can be chosen to the desired templates.

While a template is created it remains as the private article later, the user can share the article to desired recipient and thereby can make it as a shared template.

After sharing a template, the user can make decision about who can edit, and who can only read the article. 

The search bar on the tab will help one to search the specific article.

In the configuration bar, there is a sub option of members where you can find the members that are 
related to the article. The favourite section will show only the favourite articles from the stack, the 
trashed section will show all of the deleted articles for a time span of 30 days before it is removed 
from the database. One can also create stages.

When creating a new stage, the stage name is to be provided, and how the flow of a specific 
knowledge article is done to be easy to be specified relative to the type of knowledge article.


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Knowledge Module in Odoo17
Akhil O V 15 May 2024
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