Calendar Module in Odoo17

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Calendar Module in Odoo17
Akhil O V
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Discuss is used to conduct meetings and to share conversations. But how can the date and time of 
the meeting be arranged? This is done using calendar.

This helps in sorting out the dates that are available for the company and to manage the team in the most needed way. This sections helps to plan for each hours and thereby increasing the productivity. Odoo allows you to create and manage events through the Calendar module. You can schedule events, set reminders, and invite attendees.

The “Add” button in the Connect your Calendar section helps the user to connect the company 
calendar with Google or outlook calendar. This can help the user to channel the calendar details to 
personal calendar.

A user can create a new meeting for the company by clicking on the “New” button.

From which the subject for the meeting can be described. The starting date and time, along with the 
ending period can be mentioned here. The “Reminder” field helps the user to mark specific notification about the meeting in the desired time span. If the meeting is set to be done regularly, “Recurrent” option can be used and the occurrence of the meet can be declared. The method of sending the message can be decided using the ”EMAIL” and the “SMS” button. The required attendees can be selected and the Video call URL can be attached within this. The privacy can be defined in this as well as a brief description can be provided. 

The meeting to be conducted is briefed in the “list view” of the panel.

The configuration menu has 2 sub sections, Settings and Reminders. Settings option contains the 
connection configuration of the odoo calendar to the Google/ Outlook calendar. The Reminder is 
used to add and to modify the existing reminder notification settings.

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Calendar Module in Odoo17
Akhil O V 14 May 2024
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