A Comprehensive Guide to Odoo 16 Sales Module

Maximize Your Sales Operations with Odoo 16: AGM Global Service WLL, Your Trusted Odoo ERP Provider in Qatar, Shares In-Depth Insights
4 November 2023 by
Muhammed Siraj
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A Comprehensive Guide to Odoo 16 Sales Module

The Sales module in Odoo ERP plays a crucial role in facilitating the selling of goods or services and ensuring customer satisfaction. It serves as a comprehensive tool for managing and tracking all sales-related activities within a company. With the Odoo 16 Sales module, businesses can effectively handle their sales team, products, orders, customers, and more.
Users can develop a Sales team, Customer data, Products, etc., using the Odoo 16 Sales module. It is easy to evaluate the previous year's sales performance with the Reporting feature of the Sales app. Management of several tasks within less time is made possible through the Sales module of Odoo 16.


Under the Orders tab in the Odoo 16 Sales module, you will find several menus that streamline various aspects of the sales process. These menus include Sales Team, Quotations, Customers, and more. Let's take a closer look at each of these menus:


The Quotations menu enables you to create and manage sales quotations for your customers. You can generate professional-looking quotations with customizable templates and include relevant product details, pricing, and terms. Here, we can obtain the data related to each quotation, including Number, Company, Creation Date, Status, Activities, and more. Choose the NEW icon to generate a new quotation for a customer, as manifested in the screenshot below.

Sales Orders

The Sales Orders menu is where you can create and manage sales orders. You can configure product details, set pricing and discounts, apply taxes, and handle order fulfillment.This menu offers a comprehensive view of all sales orders, allowing you to track their status, manage deliveries, and generate invoices.

To develop a Sales Order, press the NEW icon expressed in the screenshot above. It is possible to add details of the product inside the Order Lines tab of your Sales Order window.

Sales Team

The Sales Team menu allows you to create and manage sales teams within your organisation.
You can assign sales representatives to specific teams, define team targets, and monitor team performance.
This menu helps you organise your salesforce effectively and track the progress of each team.


The Customers menu allows you to manage customer information and profiles.
You can add new customers, import customer data, and maintain a centralized database of customer records.
This menu also provides segmentation options, allowing you to categorize customers based on specific criteria for targeted marketing and sales efforts.By choosing the NEW icon, we can generate new customer information.

To Invoice

The Invoicing menu provides functionality for creating and managing invoices for completed sales orders.
You can generate professional invoices, track payment status, and manage customer payments.
This menu helps streamline the invoicing process and ensures accurate and timely billing.


The Products window, located below the Products tab, is where you manage the list of all commodities in your company. Within this window, you can access features such as product variants and price lists. By selecting the Products menu, you can enter new product data and create new products, and you can easily see each item's price and on-hand unit. Simply click the NEW button to generate new product data.