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Unit of Measures in Odoo 

In Odoo, units of measure are used to quantify and specify the quantity or amount of products or services. Odoo supports various units of measure that can be configured and used for different purposes.Some common units of measure in odoo include Unit , Dozen, Box , Kilogram , Liter , Meter and Hour . Unit of measure can be easily configured in odoo.

 To enable the option in Odoo ,go to the inventory application , and go for Configuration -> Settings. Under the Products section , the option Units of Measure can be found there. Tick the option and save the settings.


Now Go to Configuration -> Units Of Measure. 

Create a new unit. Enter the unit name , then set the Unit of measure category. The basic unit is Unit . The ratio between two units can be set if they are in the same category.

Three types of can be found here:

 1. Reference unit for this measure. 

2. Smaller than the reference unit.

 3. Bigger than the reference unit of measure.

 Begin by adding a unit of measure which is the reference unit of measure in the category. Later on ‘smaller’ and ‘bigger’ unit of measure quantities can be added.Ratio of the unit can also be set from here. For eg : 1 dozen is 12 units ,hence the ratio of dozen to unit is 12


After adding the measure in the purchase module go to products and create a new product. Here one can configure the purchase and sales unit of measure.

This is how we can configure unit of measure in odoo

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