Planning Module in Odoo 17

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Planning Module in Odoo 17
Akhil O V
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The planning module in Odoo is the modules in which you can schedule for the employees. The 
management can schedule plans for the employees by clicking on New

Here, one can create a new resource and role and can allocate the time and date to be completed. If this planning is needed to be repeated, repeat option can be enabled. You can save the new added shifter. And also, you can publish it to the receiver.

The schedule can be viewed based on the resource as well as on the role to be assigned to.

There is also an option to view only the planning that includes the user.

There is a section for planning analysis in which he gives a neat and briefed idea about the planning 
that is done. This can also be inserted to a spreadsheet.

in Odoo
Planning Module in Odoo 17
Akhil O V 6 May 2024
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