Fleet Module in Odoo 17

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Fleet Module in Odoo 17
Akhil O V
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In case of Fleet management of a company, each vehicle is important. It is necessary to create and record the maintenance schedule, renewing contracts, services, etc. In Odoo 17, the Fleet module provides a platform to manage contracts of vehicle, cost, insurance and many more.

When comes to the dashboard of the Fleet module, we can see different status of the cars such as New Request, To Order, Ordered, Registered, etc. We can also see the different cars under their current status. The status can be updated simply by dragging the cars to the next status level.

Create New Vehicle to the Fleet

You can simply create a new car to the fleet by clicking New button. In this menu, you can add the vehicle information such as name, driver, order date, chassis number, power details, etc.

And click the Apply New Driver to move it to the new request status, and then validate to the other status. Here we can control the status manually.

Also there are some smart buttons for Contracts, Services, Odometer, etc

It is also provided in the menu bars. This is how you add a vehicle to the fleet.


In this section, we can list the vehicles under their contracts such as daily leasing, monthly leasing, yearly leasing.

We can also create new contracts by clicking New. After that, fill the type of the contracts, vendor, vehicle name from the fleet and relevant fields. By clicking the Close Contract button, you can close the contract at anytime.


In service menu, you can see the fleet by the service type provided by the each vehicle with all the relevant details. You can also create new service from New button. You can add the new service type, date of the service, cost of the service, etc and done.


You can also categorized the fleet using the odometer readings. Here you can simply understand the condition and performance of that vehicle. This window can be viewed by kanban, list and graph views.

For adding new odometer details of a vehicle, just click the New button and add the details of the odometer value and the reading date.

Configuration Menu

In this menu, we have Manufacturers, which list all the famous car manufacturers in the market like Audi, BMW, Ferrari, etc. You can make a new manufacturer name here.

New car model can be created here under each of the manufacturer tag. Just click the manufacturer field and add New. Then give relevant information and proceed.

In Models menu, you can filter the car using the models. The models that have the registered cars have listed. You can also create new car by clicking the New button.

In Categories menu, you can list out the cars using their categories like if the car is SUV, Sports Car, etc. 

In Types menu, you can filter it using the service type of the car

Status menu is used for the displaying of the current status of a car in the Fleet dashboard. If you want to add a new status of the car, use the New button.

In Activity Types, you can list all the activities and their planned in, type, model, icon. You can add new activity to the fleet here.

Settings in Configuration menu is used to set an alert for the customer before the end date of the contract.

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Fleet Module in Odoo 17
Akhil O V 27 March 2024
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