Discuss Module in Odoo 17

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Discuss module

Discuss is an app that is in odoo 17 which helps the company to conduct meeting and to pass messages that are professionally related.

This section in odoo environment helps the user to conduct online meeting. To start an online meeting, the user should click on “Start a meeting” option. This will lead to a meeting page where you will be asked to allow microphone and camera to be functional, Click “Allow”.

In the meet panel, the “notification” button can customise the user to be notified as per the desired manner. The “search” button makes it able for the user to search for a specific message relative to thee keyword. The “pin” button enables the user to pin specific messages so as to be visible above the whole time

“Attachment” button, helps the users to attach specific files to the meet chat. The “invite” button can be used to invite more personals to the meeting by means of link or direct invite. ”Member” button helps the users to understand about the number of users attending the meeting. ”Settings” button on other hand helps the user to handle their own audio and camera input method and to enable “Push to talk” method, which can reduce unwanted noises.

Another field for the users are the channels. These are the group for the users to manage specific field of discussion. One can create and add users to the channel so as to maintain privacy for each department of the enterprise. Some of the predefined channels are, #general, #sales, #board-meetings and #rd. in this the general channel is the compulsory channel that each user will be available. The creator of a new channel can decide the members in it. The messages will be secure through this practice.

To add a new channel to the company, select “New” and then fill the fields. A group name should be provided and then a small description about the channel should be given. The privacy of the channel can be set in advance and members can be included into the channel..

Direct messaging feature is also available so that a user can connect with another personal in the same company and to share information and conversation between with individual privacy.

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Vishnu Gopal. P 7 March 2024
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